Mar 15, 2023 1 min read

Java 17 Features and Enhancements

Java 17 Features and Enhancements
Java 17 Features and Enhancements
  1. Sealed classes: Sealed classes, which were introduced in Java 15, have been enhanced in Java 17 with the addition of a new feature called permits. This allows developers to specify which classes are permitted to extend a sealed class, further improving code maintainability.
  2. Pattern matching for instanceof: Pattern matching for instanceof is a new feature in Java 17 that simplifies the process of casting objects in conditional statements. This can make code more concise and easier to read.
  3. Enhanced switch statements: Switch statements have been enhanced in Java 17 with the addition of new features like yield statements and pattern matching. This makes switch statements more versatile and powerful.
  4. Enhanced garbage collection: Java 17 includes several improvements to garbage collection, including the introduction of a new garbage collector called ZGC. ZGC is designed to provide low-latency garbage collection for large heaps.
  5. Foreign function and memory access: Java 17 introduces new APIs that allow developers to call native functions and access native memory. This makes it easier to integrate Java with existing C and C++ code.
  6. Enhanced APIs: Java 17 includes several enhancements to existing APIs, including improved support for Unicode and enhanced APIs for working with streams and files.
  7. Preview features: Java 17 includes several preview features, including the new sealed classes feature and the new pattern matching for switch statements feature. These features are not yet finalized and may change in future releases.
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