software tool A program that is employed in the development, repair, or enhancement of other programs or of hardware. Traditionally a set of software tools addressed only the essential needs during program development: a typical set might consist of a text editor, compiler, link loader, and some form of debug tool
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htop : An interactive command line Linux Task Manager public
Debian 2 min read

htop : An interactive command line Linux Task Manager

htop is an interactive process viewer. It is a cross-platform tool used to monitor system processes in real-time. This article will delve into the utility of the htop command in Linux, helping you understand its syntax, options, and practical use-cases.…
OpenSSL for windows public
Installation 1 min read

OpenSSL for windows

OpenSSL is a command-line tool for cryptographic operations such as generating private keys, creating digital certificates, and encrypting/decrypting data.…
Vim editor command public
Tools 2 min read

Vim editor command

Vim is a text editor that is widely used in the Linux/Unix environment. Here are some basic commands that…
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