Table of Contents

Docker Basics

// Check Docker version.
docker -V

// Display system-wide information about Docker.
docker info

// Download an image from Docker Hub.
docker pull <image_name>

// List local Docker images. 
docker images

// List running containers. 
docker ps

// List all containers (including stopped one).
docker ps -a

// Create and start a new container from an image. 
docker run <options> <image_name>

Container Lifecycle

// Start a stopped container. 
docker start <container_name/id>

// Stop a running container gracefully. 
docker stop <container_name/id>

// Forcefully stop a running container. 
docker kill <container_name/id>

// Restart a container. 
docker restart <container_name/id>

// Remove a stopped container. 
docker rm <container_name/id>


// Build a Docker image from a Dockerfile 
docker build -t <image_name> <path_to_Dockerfile>

// Remove an image.
docker rmi <image_name>

// Remove all unused images. 
docker image prune

Docker Compose

// Start services defined in a Docker Compose file
docker-compose up

// Stop and remove services defined in a Docker Compose file.
docker-compose down

// List services in a Compose file and their status. 
docker-compose ps

// View logs for a specific service.
docker-compose logs <service_name>

// Run a command in a running service container.
docker-compose exec <service_name> <command>


// Create a named volume.
docker volume create <volume_name>

// Mount a volume to a container.
docker run -v <volume_name>:<container_path>

// List volumes.
docker volume ls

// Remove a volume.
docker volume rm <volume_name>

Docker Registry and Hub

// Log in to a Docker registry.
docker login

// Push an image to a registry.
docker push <image_name>

// Pull an image from a registry.
docker pull <image_name>


// Create a user-defined network.
docker network create <network_name>

// List networks.
docker network ls

// Connect a container to a network.
docker network connect <network_name> <container_name/id>

// Disconnect a container from a network.
docker network disconnect <network_name> <container_name/id>

Logs and Debugging

// View container logs.
docker logs <container_name/id>

// Start an interactive shell in a running container.
docker exec -it <container_name/id> /bin/bash

// Display real-time container resource usage.
docker stats <container_name/id>


// Remove all stopped containers, unused networks, and images.
docker system prune

// Remove all stopped containers.
docker container prune

// Remove all unused images.
docker image prune

// Remove all unused volumes.
docker volume prune
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